The Acting Black Blogathon: Zoe Kravitz, a star in the making?

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In honour of Black History Month, Dell On Movies is hosting a blogathon celebrating black excellence in film. Now if you don’t know what a blogathon is, it’s basically a bunch of bloggers creating posts around a specific subject during a specific period. To read up more on this Blogathon, click here. For this blogathon you could either choose a particular performance from a black actor and describe why you love it or comment on a particular actor’s body of work; I chose the latter and decided to talk about the potential star-in-the-making that Zoë Kravitz could turn out to be.

This is my third and final contribution to The Acting Black Blogathon and perhaps my riskiest choice. When I was thinking of actors to write about, the obvious names came to mind: Denzel Washington, Whoopi Goldberg, Laurence Fishburne, Samuel L. Jackson. These were ‘safe’ choices – there’s no denying the legend status of any of those actors. I then started thinking that maybe I was a little bit too obsessed with the past and needed to start looking to the future and potential legends-in-the-making. Once again a bevy of ‘safe’ choices came up, actors who’ve established themselves and had leading roles. For some reason I felt like picking an actor that no one else would think of, a wild car of sorts and Zoë Kravitz just popped into my mind.


I’ve seen six of her movies; okay, that’s an exaggeration. I’ve seen six movies that she’s appeared in. These movies were: X Men: First Class, Divergent, After Earth, Insurgent, Dope and Mad Max: Fury Road. In all these movies (with perhaps the exception of Dope) she’s played pretty much the same character – beautiful, mysterious woman who has a line or two. Now, I know what you’re thinking, “this blogathon is about black EXCELLENCE not black mediocrity.” I’ll admit I started thinking the same as I thought about Kravitz’s career. But then I started thinking about Dope and how well Kravitz handled the meatier role. She’s not the main star of the movie but she is a more prominent feature than usual. Moreover, she’s a really entertaining actress and has  clearly inherited her father’s endless supply of charm. All of this led to yet more thinking about what she could be (and I hope will be) once her potential meets the right opportunity.


Another reason that I think she’s a star worth watching is because of the number of films she’s starring in. She already has twenty film appearances under her belt and she’s slated to appear in five more movies in 2016 alone. I believe that soon this high quantity of movies is going to translate into a high quality performance. I think she’s done enough to earn herself the lead in a silly, fun romcom. Nothing major but it’s time to take the training wheels off and see if she’s got what it takes to be a leading lady.

With my previous two posts regarding this blogathon, I could point to past success and use it as grounds for praise; but with Kravitz I’m looking to the future more than the past and wagering that success lies ahead. It’s a bit risky to put her in this category with the Hollywood legends that other bloggers (including myself) have chosen to write about but I think she’s going to prove me right.


12 thoughts on “The Acting Black Blogathon: Zoe Kravitz, a star in the making?

  1. I agree with this pick. Kravitz is not only beautiful, but talented too. I also agree, Dope is the real highlight. I thought the lead actor, Shameik Moore, was amazing. He had a range of emotions to play. His final speech got me man. Emotional. I’m anticipating his next role.

    As far rising stars, I’d add Beyond the Lights (from director of Love & Basketball) duo. Nate Parker (from upcoming film and record breaking sale at Sundance, Birth of a Nation) and Gugu Mbatha-Raw in some high profile upcoming roles, like Disney’s Beauty & the Beast.

    Great idea for a blogathon guys! Thanks for highlighting indie cinema and talented black actors!

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    1. I definitely agree about Shameik Moore, I thought he was definitely the best thing about Dope. That speech at the end also got me. I loved how that movie dealt with controversial social topics but didn’t try to preach to the audience.
      I’ve only Gugu Mbatha-Raw I think and I did enjoy the two movies I’ve seen her in (Larry Crowne and Concussion)

      Glad you enjoyed The Blogathon man

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      1. Right on. I can’t wait to see more of Shameik Moore. I collabed on article at about Black History movies that need to get made. I pitched Moore to play a young Bill Russell. What do you think? Of course, there would need to be camera tricks since Russell is like 7 feet tall 😉


  2. Nice forward looking post. I had no idea she appeared in that many films. I just watched Dope last weekend and actually liked it. I think she did well although I wouldn’t describe her role as meaty. I wouldn’t mind seeing more of her.

    Separately, I think I might catch the movie about Jesse Owens this weekend.

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    1. Thank you. I loved Dope, it told a well-known story through an original lens and originality is hard to come by in Hollywood now. Her role is meaty but it’s more to chew on than she’s had in the past.

      Oh, Race, I hope it turns out well. Saw the trailer the other day, something tells me it isn’t going to be a well-made film. Hope you enjoy it

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      1. True. Now that I think about it, I was part of a story like Dope in real life. I’ll let you know when I see Race. Oh, I’m sooo waiting for Bastille Day. I just want to salivate over idris elba. Lol. You know I’m there opening weekend!

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  3. I really like where you went with this post. ZK is an up-and-coming talent that I have enjoyed for a while now because, like you said, she keeps popping up. I recently bumped into a film in which she plays the lead called Yelling to the Sky. I don’t think the movie is all that good, but she is fantastic in the role. Thanks yet again for an excellent contribution to the blogathon.

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  4. I like that you chose to write about Zoe. I also think she’s a star in the making, even if I’m not crazy for all of the movies I’ve seen her in. (I liked her small part in It’s Kind of a Funny Story on top of Dope and Mad Max) Great post!

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