The Adam Project Review

So I watched The Adam Project…

I find it interesting how Netflix has managed to perfect the art of making gripping, entertaining TV shows but yet can’t seem to replicate that success when it comes to its movies. They’re so bland and uninspired, a problem this movie really can’t seem to shake.

Okay, basic plot: Adam Reed (Ryan Reynolds) is a fighter pilot who pilots an extremely powerful jet – a plane capable of travelling through time. Following the death of his wife, Laura (Zoe Saldana); Adam steals a time jet and sets out to travel to the past to save her. Adam however travels back to the wrong time and winds up running into his adolescent self (Walker Scobell). The two Adams are now forced to simultaneously face their past, present and future while trying to not only save Laura but the world.

This film’s biggest issue is the lack of realism permeating through every scene. People process and deal with the fact that time travel not only exists but that they’re talking to future versions of people they know with the same understanding and resolve as you would being told that your Uber is running late. It’s almost as if the characters know this is a movie and that nothing is real. This further spreads into the action sequences where our heroes can face thousands of bullets or defeat dozens of bad guys without breaking a sweat. Nothing feels real or tangible. There aren’t any consequences so there aren’t any stakes and, therefore, why should you care? The answer is you probably shouldn’t. Now not only is the plot missing an emotional linchpin, it also isn’t very original. It reminded me greatly of Disney’s The Kid and, frankly, I’d rather watch The Kid than this movie.

I really like Ryan Reynolds but I think he’s gotten so typecast that his approach to acting now consists of dialing up the Deadpool meter from Min to Max. In this movie he’s PG Time Travelling Deadpool. It’s such a shame because I think he is a talented actor (as he’s shown in movies like Woman In Gold) but he keeps on picking roles that have him going back to the same well over and over and over and over AND OVER AGAIN! While he does churn out entertaining performances I’d just like to see him do something different. Not necessarily a dramatic role or Shakespeare but just something where his character’s main characteristics aren’t sarcasm and a superhuman ability to kick ass. I fear that we’ll soon start to have Deadpool fatigue and that his whole schtick will outlast its welcome.

This movie has some notable names in its cast with the likes of Jennifer Garner, Mark Ruffalo and Zoe Saldana all having supporting roles that range from the minor to the unnecessary. I assume the filmmakers were going for starpower to draw interest but some of these roles are so minor that the fame of the actor actually distracts from the character. The acting is sufficient and everyone goes about their work professionally but I can’t help but feel that a lesser known actor could have done a similar if not better job and allowed the character to feel more ‘real’.

I think the best word to describe this film is inoffensive. You won’t be thoroughly entertained nor bored. It might offer you a few laughs but it’s not hysterical. There’s action but you won’t really enjoy it. In summation it is a movie.

Overall, The Adam Project suffers from an inability to capture the imagination. It’s filled with moments you’ve seen done better somewhere else and doesn’t create a rich enough world for you to get lost in. It’s dull but not the worst way to kill the time. 6/10

7 thoughts on “The Adam Project Review

  1. I have no interest in this film and I saw bits of Free Guy and it was… eh…

    Honestly, anything with Shawn Levy’s name attached is the embodiment of mediocrity and that has me worried for the next Deadpool movie. Plus, I think Ryan Reynolds needs to do something different as he’s just been playing it safe lately and is starting to become a schtick right now.


  2. I like it a little better than you, but you are right. It’s nothing special. I did enjoy the kid’s impersonation of Reynolds, but yeah, Reynolds himself is now always some version of Deadpool.


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