Think Like A Man Too review

So I watched Think Like A Man Too


Didn’t enjoy it as much as the first one. Kevin Hart CARRIES the movie. There are way too many characters, actually there are as many characters as the first one but they aren’t juggled as well as in the first movie. The celebrity cameos are funny though, except for Floyd Mayweather (before you call spoilers, he’s in the trailer so calm your nipples). Movie (and by that I mean Kevin Hart) is funny but not enough for my liking.
In all honesty, this is an unnecessary sequel and it fails to deliver on the “dating knowledge” the first one had. The script is filled with clichés and characters who are thinner than Terrrence J’s acting skills.

That being said, I still enjoyed the movie (and by movie I mean Kevin Hart), it’s funny in places and the female leads were hot enough to keep me entertained. The movie ultimately suffers from ” Amazing Spiderman 2″ syndrome – everything good about the movie is in the trailer.

It’ll make a good date movie and if you’re a Kevin Hart fan (aka a human being with a functional sense of humour) you might enjoy it.

It’s worth a trip to the cinema but see it on half price day. 6/10

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