What the next Transformers flick should be about

Just had an awesome idea for what the next Transformers should be about:

*if you haven’t watched Transformers: Age of Extinction, this may not make sense*


Prime finds the people that created him and is like “yo, what’s up with you sending a guy with a gun for a face to come find me? You can’t email me?”

The creators are all like “um look here, we created you to do blah blah blah.”

Prime says,  “I don’t wanna do that. I wanna have inconsistent fighting skills and say speeches about how great humans are even though they just tried to kill my friends and I”

Creators start PMS’ ing and there’s a huge fight scene but with only 2 giant robots cause we actually wanna know what’s happening.

Next shot Optimus lands on Earth, all reprogrammed cause he lost to his creators cause his fighting skills crashed. He starts blowing up cities cause…well cause Earth is apparently central to giant robot history and it’s THEEEE planet to destroy.

Autobots try to stop Optimus (his wifi connection is strong now and his fight skills stream perfectly) and he kicks their butts. He even kills Bumble Bee.

Blah blah blah Optimus is reminded of who he is by some emotional bullshit just in time for his creators to arrive on Earth.

Cue the giant robot fight scene to end all giant robot fight scenes. We’re gonna call Liam Neeson to consult on close combat action cause why the fuck not. Actually Liam Neeson must voice the creator.

Prime wins somehow and doesn’t – I repeat, doesn’t – say a speech at the end. Bumble bee is buried and Prime just looks at his grave with remorse.

End movie.

No Megatron; no billion decepticons; no hot chick who can only move in slow motion.

These are just my thoughts, basically the point is to make Transformers about GIANT ROBOTS and leave the human involvement to a minimum. What do you think? Leave a comment below.

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