Dumb & Dumber To Review

So I watched Dumb & Dumber To…


I didn’t expect much from this movie, just kinda felt like a cash grab attempt from Carey and Daniels but I actually enjoyed this movie. A lot.

Okay, basic plot: Carey and Daniels are back as Lloyd and Harry – two best friends who are honestly too dumb to function. But Carey and Daniels aren’t the only things back from the original you loved – the plot (the exact plot) is also back. Harry and Lloyd have to travel across country, to deliver a package to a hot girl who Lloyd wants to bang; while a big guy tries to kill them. Originality is a foreign word in Hollywood at the moment.

The first few minutes had me worried that all my fears about watching this movie were going to come true. The jokes were overdone and not smart or funny at all. But then the script  changes gears and spurts into life. Now, not every joke was funny or even worth a smile but the majority of them hit the spot and had me laughing out LOUD!

This movie is most funny when it isn’t trying to reference or emulate the original. When it does this, the gags feel forced and lacking in substance because Jim Carey and Jeff Daniels don’t quite have the comedic talent they used to. They do alright but watching the two of them feels like chewing gum with almost all of the flavour gone.

Kathleen Turner puts in a neat and tidy little comedic shift in this movie but I really could have done without Rachel Melvin as Penny Felcher. The standards for comedy were set quite low and she fails to reach even these.

But this movie is, surprisingly, fun to watch. Most of the jokes are ones we’ve seen a million times but they’re often done well enough to get a rise out of you. I felt the most comedic moments were often the little one-liners or side comments and not the big theatrical gags.

In the end I feel like this movie didn’t try to be better than the original. It feels more like a homage. Like the actors, writers and director got together and said “hey, wouldn’t it be cool to do this one more time…in the exact same way”.

If you liked the first Dumb & Dumber, you’ll probably like this (mostly because this movie copies everything from it and I do mean EVERYTHING).

Overall, this movie is worth a watch but going to the cinema might be a bit of a stretch. I think this movie will be best enjoyed, after a few drinks, on your couch. 7/10

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