Hollywood’s such a tease…

It’s been a pretty exciting week but not in terms of movies that have been released but rather for movies that will be released. Jurassic World and Star Wars: The Force Awakens both gave us some teaser trailers; and just this morning, the cast for the upcoming Suicide Squad was confirmed. There’s also a ton of news flying around about a Frozen sequel and Jean-Claude Van Damme returning to the Kickboxer franchise. I don’t really care about the last two things, so let’s talk teaser trailer wars and Suicide Squad casting.

In case you haven’t seen them, here are the two trailers for you:

Star Wars



Jurassic World


 *if you’re viewing this on a mobile device, you’re probably not gonna be able to see the videos. Sorry about that.*

Okay, let’s first talk about the Star Wars teaser.

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This trailer is an actual teaser, it doesn’t give you any plot or show too many characters. There’s a black guy in a Stormtrooper uniform – which has upset some fans, I think I’m more confused by it. Originally Stormtroopers were all clones of Jango Fett and he wasn’t black, so it’s kinda weird if this guy is black. If anyone can enlist to be a Stormtrooper or it’s just a guy disguised as a Stormtrooper it makes sense then. Got called racist for pointing this out but it’s not a race issue for me, it’s a continuity error and I’m black so…whatever.

Anyway, the other issue that had fans bothered was the new lightsaber we see – I guess, it’s meant to look like a sword but just kinda ends up looking like a Swiss Army knife without all the attachments. But I’m not too bothered with it, lightsabers are cool either way. The best part of the teaser is probably seeing The Millennium Falcon shoot up into the sky and take on some tie-fighters. We don’t get to see any characters from the original series but I actually think that’s a good thing – this needs to be a new story and the new characters should take centre-stage.

Now for Jurassic World,


this trailer feels more like a trailer than a teaser. We get some plot details, the scientists in the lab are working on creating a hybrid dinosaur, in an attempt to attract more visitors to the park, and the hybrid D-Rex gets away. Yes, not very original but I think this movie is going to be fun to watch. The park is fully operational and filled with people, something I’ve always wanted to see because this means the dinos have more people to feast on.

The park also looks like it has some cool rides like gyrospheres and I hope we get to see these in action before everything goes to dino-shit. Chris Pratt is some kind of dino-expert or hunter or whatever and he looks like he’s really going to kill his role and make the movie fun. Plus, it looks like he’s trained raptors and is riding around with them. This excites me because, 1. I was tired of seeing people running from raptors and 2. the thought of trained dinosaurs being used to hunt other dinosaurs is AWESOME!!

I was talking to a friend about this trailer, he’s a HUGE fan of Jurassic Park and giant monsters/robots fighting other giant monsters/robots and he said that he’s really excited and hope this movie doesn’t make the same mistakes Godzilla made this year. I totally agree, mainly because he dragged me to see Godzilla and will no doubt drag me to this movie. The dinosaurs need to be vicious, they need to be major parts of this movie and they should look real. Spielberg and his design team had dinosaurs looking real and deadly in the 90’s, don’t over CGI this movie and end up with plastic-looking dinosaurs chasing Star-Lord around. Please and thank you.

In terms of trailer-wars go, I think Jurassic World beat Star Wars out but just because it offered more information and didn’t feel the need to constantly fade to black. I think that Star Wars will make more money and probably be better received than Jurassic World though. Star Wars is just a larger franchise and inspires more nostalgia, I think, plus it has more room to maneuver story-wise. In Jurassic World you know exactly what you’ll get: scientists foolishly thinking they can play God, dinosaurs escaping, people running. Star Wars can be anything really, so I think it’ll just be a more entertaining movie to watch but, as the Phantom Menace proved, sometimes expectations count for shit.

Oh and finally, The Suicide Squad was announced!


Jared Leto – The Joker

Will Smith – Deadshot

Jai Courtney  – Boomerang

Tom Hardy – Rick Flagg

Cara Delevingne – Enchantress

I haven’t read this particular set of comics, so don’t really know what to expect or have any qualms about who’s been cast BUT I do have some apprehensions when it comes to Will Smith. Smith’s last two movies MIB III and After Earth just showed how dry the well that was Will Smith’s charisma has run. Thinking about his past successful movies and him in The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Smith had this undeniable charm and comedic timing and I don’t know if he can still bring this to the big screen. But, I’m willing to give Ben Affleck a chance so it’s only fair to give Smith one too. He’s got a new movie Focus, with Margot Robbie actually, coming out next year so I’ll wait till I’ve seen that to decide whether I’m optimistic or not about his casting. As far as Jared Leto, Margot Robbie and Tom Hardy go, I’m beyond keen. I’ve only seen Robbie in The Wolf of Wall Street but she really impressed me so hoping she can bring that same crazy, sexual energy to Harley. Leto and Hardy are great actors and no doubt they’ll be amazing in this. Haven’t seen anything with Cara Delevingne or Jai Courtney so jury’s still out on them.

So Hollywood has teased and excited us but will they deliver on the goods? I hope yes.

What did you think about the two trailers and the Suicide Squad cast? Let me know in the comments, also is there anything you really want to see or hope doesn’t happen in these three movies?

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