Why Leonardo DiCaprio hasn’t won an Oscar yet


So why hasn’t Leonardo DiCaprio won an Oscar yet? To be honest, its because he hasn’t deserved one. So before you all start tearing me apart, hear me out. Leo’s an incredibly talented actor and the best thing about him is his consistency. He’s been performing at such a high level for so many years, and in this respect, he’s the best actor working today.

Maybe saying he doesn’t ‘deserve’ one is the wrong way to put it. Let me quantify my statement: when I say he doesn’t deserve an Oscar I mean he’s never put in the best performance of that year. I’ve heard a lot of people complain about Leo’s lack of an Oscar but the argument they always use is either, “wow, that performance deserved an Oscar!” Or “Leo’s being doing it for so long, he should have an Oscar by now.” I’ve never heard anybody say (and by anybody I mean my social circle and the film pundits I follow) that Leo deserved to win ahead of the guy who actually won. I think Leo has had some truly amazing performances but when I think of the person who won and their performance, I’m always inclined to agree with The Academy’s decision.

DiCaprio’s a great actor who’s given some breathtaking performances but I don’t think he’s ever given a truly outstanding performance. A performance where he loses himself and you lose sight of Leonardo DiCaprio, the actor, and see only the character.


I think we’re all aggrieved that someone with his consistency and high standard of excellence hasn’t won an Oscar yet but I’m not surprised because there’s always been someone better. Leo is amazing and he will eventually get his Oscar but he needs to put in a performance the likes of which we’ve never seen. He needs to push himself beyond his limits and provide a truly transcendent showing or the memes will never stop.


6 thoughts on “Why Leonardo DiCaprio hasn’t won an Oscar yet

  1. Interesting. I’ve heard some people, quite a few, say that he hasn’t won because he favours 20 year old models and thus doesn’t seem ‘serious’ enough, as the Oscars are as much about politics as talent. I do think he’s an excellent actor though, but if I have to see Titanic on TV again…


    1. I understand that the Oscars have their fair amount of politics but I don’t think Leo is the first actor to have a wild sex life. He’s an amazing actor but whenever I review his losses and the person he lost to, he comes up second best. This isn’t a mark against his quality, just recognition that the other guy was better


      1. He was a horrible brat for a few years, the pussay patrol was as obnoxious as it sounds, I suspect he aggravated the wrong big wig in his personal life. Hollywood bosses can hold grudges


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