3 things I want to see in the next Avengers Movie

While Avengers: Age of Ultron was a really good movie it left me feeling a little underwhelmed (to see my original review of Age of Ultron click here.) The movie was really entertaining and funny but it didn’t quite have the masterstroke the original had. So to make the next movie an even bigger success than it probably will be, here are three things I want to see happen:



Now some might argue that Age of Ultron already did this. The Avengers spend very little time in America and are mostly fighting evil in Wakanda and Sokovia. But the last time I checked, The Avengers tagline was: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes not a couple of countries’ mightiest heroes. Thanos is coming and he’s going to bring a force the likes of which The Avengers have never seen. Thanos doesn’t want power or money – he wants to destroy the entire universe! And he’s going to kick that party off by destroying Earth. EARTH! Not New York, not some out-of-the-way Eastern European Country, the entire world. We need to see The Avengers in multiple countries trying to counteract this. This will improve the quality of the movie by doing two things: 1. With the number of heroes that are going to be Infinity War, you need a battlefield that can fit all of them in and 2. it will give all the heroes an opportunity to shine. Have The Avengers split their resources – send Hawkeye and Hulk to take down armies in England; have Thor and Black Widow protecting Egypt etc. Spreading the conflict will also raise the stakes and give SHIELD an opportunity to get involved in the fighting too.

This leads me to my next point,



Now this doesn’t mean I want to see a gritty, Christopher Nolan-esque version of The Avengers, I just want to see our heroes challenged and broken. It also doesn’t mean anybody having to die (mainly cause we know Marvel can’t keep its word about people dying). Think about one of the greatest sequels in history – The Empire Strikes Back. There are no significant deaths in this movie but it’s still pretty dark – Luke loses a hand, Han gets frozen in carbonite and taken to Jabba The Hutt. Our heroes don’t end up winning this battle – they barely survive it. This helps them rally for the next movie and take a swing back at The Empire and eventually take it down. Infinity War being split into two movies is a great opportunity to exhibit this. Part I can be about Thanos coming down and kicking our heroes’ butts; he wins round 1. Then Part II will have The Avengers regrouping and coming together to take down Thanos. We need to see our heroes in peril because, up to this point, The Avengers have been able to take down hoards of alien and robot armies without breaking a sweat. Let’s see Thanos push them to their limit.

Speaking of Thanos…



With all due respect to Loki and Ultron, Marvel haven’t given us a truly iconic villain yet. Loki was more mischievous than anything and Ultron was just kinda Iron Man without the alcoholism. We need a truly terrifying villain. Infinity War is going to have at least ten superheroes in it, we need a villain that justifies this large number. Yes, Thanos has the Chituari but I want him to be able to take down all our heroes on his own. Make him stronger than Hulk, smarter than Iron Man, more powerful than Thor and a better fighter than Captain America. This is a man whose name literally means death, make him pure evil!

Well that’s what I wanna see in Infinity War Part I & II. Did I miss anything? Leave a comment below

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