Ted (Unrated) Review

So I watched Ted…


This was actually my first time watching this movie and I really don’t know why it took me so long to watch or why I missed it at the cinema. I remember liking the trailer but it just completely slipped under my radar. But better late than never and with Ted 2 coming out tomorrow, I thought there’s no better time to catch up.

Okay, basic plot: Imagine Toy Story meets The Wolf of Wall Street  So all the wonder of your childhood toys coming to life with all the reckless fun of partying, casual sex, recreational drugs and f-bombs. That’s Ted.


I’m a huge fan of Seth MacFarlane’s brand of comedy – it’s no holds barred, politically incorrect and incredibly honest in some instances. I still haven’t watched Family Guy but something tells me I’m going to love it, just like I loved this movie. This movie is hilarious and had me laughing out loud more times than I could count (which is becoming a rarer and rarer phenomenon in so-called ‘comedy’ movies). The humour in this movie is just non-stop and it’s really quite clever at times. I like it when comedies have smart dialogue and don’t really on stupid slapstick to get the laughs and Ted is full of wonderful dialogue. Yes, it’s crass and stuff that we should probably never repeat but it’s so much fun


There are so many moments of hilarity that it’s hard to choose a favourite. The ‘Thunder Buddies Song’, John listing all the white trash names, Ted thanking Norah Jones for 9/11 because she’s half-Indian. It’s such dark, wonderfully written humour. This movie also isn’t afraid to tackle serious issues or take shots at celebrities. That’s what makes shows like South Park and Family Guy so successful – they say the things that everyone is thinking and they aren’t afraid to comment on sensitive issues. That makes for really funny tv and it’s great to see that brand of comedy coming to film. It reminds me of another Seth MacFarlane movie – A Million Ways To Die In The West – which might not have been as successful or as good as this movie but it had that same style of offensive, brutally honest type of comedy which I love.


Jokes aside, Ted also has quite a sweet story. It’s about growing up and becoming an adult, which sometimes means letting go of childhood habits whether it be a teddy bear or bad friends or immature behaviour. There’s also a great story of friendship between John (Mark Wahlberg) and Ted (MacFarlane) which really helps ground the movie amidst the outlandish jokes. The two leads really have great chemistry and this provides a great foundation for the comedy to kick off from.

Overall, I wish I’d seen this movie sooner and I can’t wait to watch it again. A really fun ride with sharp comedy and tons of laughs 7/10.

2 thoughts on “Ted (Unrated) Review

  1. Great review! I’m glad to hear you enjoyed this one. Some of the gags were a little exclusive to people who were born in the 1970’s (the Flash Gordon one springs to mind), but being a child of 1977 – I loved it.

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