Ted 2 Review

So I watched Ted 2…


Sequels can be tricky, you need to recreate the magic and success of the original while avoiding the trap of just making a carbon copy and most movies fail at this. Luckily Ted 2 does everything a good sequel should – brings back our favourite characters, recreates and expands on everything that made the original and hit and offers something fresh

Okay, basic plot: John (Mark Wahlberg) and Ted (Seth MacFarlane) are back. But this time they’re not just smoking weed, making offensive jokes and watching too much tv; actually they do spend a lot of time doing that but they also have a court case to win. Ted wants to prove he’s a person so that he can be allowed to marry the woman he loves and have children. Yes, it’s the plot from┬áBicentennial Man but with a lot more jokes about black cocks.


I loved this movie! Yes, it’s offensive; yes, it’s dirty but it’s so much fun. I was laughing from start to finish. It’s really well-written and even though the humour is offensive, it’s actually quite intelligent at times. I also loved that even though there are throwbacks to the original, there’s a lot of new material in this movie. There are new memorable gags and classical moments that will be quoted over and over again.

I’ve been watching a few interviews with Wahlberg and MacFarlane and the obvious questions of “will this thing we loved in the first movie be in the sequel” always came up. MacFarlane explained that even though he wanted to put in all those memorable moments from the original, he also had to keep this movie’s runtime down so lots of stuff had to be cut. I think that helped the movie because it made way for so many new jokes.┬áThere are shades of the original in this movie but Ted 2 goes bigger and pushes the bar set by the original even higher. It’s more offensive, it’s more daring, it’s funnier. It just does everything a good sequel should.

Now the final part of the movie feels a little bit too similar to the original. Giovanni Ribisi is back as creepy Donny and he basically does everything he did in the first movie again. Now while this was still funny, I think they should have gone a different route for the finale. But that’s a minor complaint.

Amanda Seyfried replaces Mila Kunis as John’s love interest and I think she does a much better job than Kunis. I felt like she was more involved in the plot and actually moved things along instead of just being a part of the ride. There’s also some great celebrity cameos in this movie which I don’t want to spoil so just go watch it.

Overall, this movie manages to improve on the quality of the original, offers you more laughs and takes you on an even wilder ride than before. Go watch it, it’s worth your time and money 8/10

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