Favourite moments in the Batman vs Superman Comic Con Trailer

In case you missed it, yesterday at Comic Con, DC and Warner Bros released a new trailer for Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice.

If you missed it, here’s the trailer:

I’ve probably watched this trailer a dozen times by now and I thought I’d share my favourite moments and what I hope they mean for the story.

#1 Superman is on trial


The trailer begins with a shot of a Senator Committee Meeting to discuss Superman’s role in the destruction of Metropolis. Outside the meeting there’s a group of protesters protesting against Superman’s presence of Earth. The Committee wants to know what Superman stands for because he’s such a powerful being and they hold him personally responsible for the actions of Zod, his men and the damage they caused. I love this opening scene because it shows that Superman isn’t universally accepted, not only by the government but also by normal citizens. It not only depicts a realistic description of how people would react to a being with the powers of Superman on Earth; it also could be the beginning of a fissure between Superman and humans. Why would he want to protect people that hate him? This could lead to him doing something out of aggression and frustration that leads to Batman wanting to take him down even more.


#2 Bruce Wayne was in Metropolis during the events of Man of Steel


This is a piece of the trailer that I loved. We see Bruce in civilian clothing on the street as Superman and Zod fight. Buildings are crashing down and Bruce runs towards the action, presumably to try and go help the people caught in the crossfire. There’s a great shot of Bruce holding a little girl and looking up angrily at the sky. This is going to be the root of the conflict between the two heroes.Superman leveled an entire city trying to save it, imagine the kind of destruction he could cause if he wasn’t trying to save it. He needs to be stopped and Batman plans on doing it.


#3 Clark Kent takes on Batman


Clark Kent, as we know, is a reporter at The Daily Planet and it seems like he’s been taking notice of Batman’s style of crime-fighting. I like that we’re seeing a darker and more cruel Batman. We hear Henry Cavill’s voice calling Batman “a one man reign of terror” as we’re shown a criminal who’s been tied up, presumably by The Batman, and branded with a bat logo. Perry White (Laurence Fishburne) chastises Kent saying that he doesn’t get to choose what is right and “no one cares about Clark Kent taking on The Batman.” This is a great tongue-in-cheek comment because all we care about in this movie is seeing Clark Kent fight Batman. It also gives Superman a reason to want to fight Batman. The two have very different styles when it comes to fighting for justice and these differences are naturally going to lead to conflict. So it’s good to see that both men are going to have reason to want to take the other down.

#4 Wonder Woman!


We get to see a few glimpses Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman in this trailer. She’s been thrown against things, she’s shooting things – so she’s clearly fighting someone, who that person is wasn’t revealed. But I liked the shots of her in civilian clothing the most. She clearly has some kind of connection with Bruce Wayne which I thought was a great throwback to The Justice League Animated cartoon series where Batman and Wonder Woman first meet as Bruce Wayne and Diana Prince at a Charity Ball. It’s great seeing that not only are the heroes going to clash but that their secret identities are also going to be involved in the story.


#5 Reference to The Joker 


There’s a shot of Bruce Wayne looking at a Robin suit with the words “Hahaha. Joke’s on you, Batman” drawn across it in yellow paint. This is clearly a reference to Jason Todd, who succeeded Dick Grayson as Robin and was killed by The Joker. Jason Todd, after being resurrected, returned as Red Hood and became a criminal who blames Batman for his death. During the shot of Bruce Wayne looking at the Robin suit, Wayne says, “twenty years in Gotham, how many good guys are left? How many stayed that way?” Now this just further fuels the need for Batman to take Superman down. Superman might be a good guy at the moment but Wayne knows that things can change and a change in a being that powerful could be disastrous for the Earth.


#6 Lex is working with Zod’s body 


We see a shot of what appears, and what I hope is, Mercy Graves leading two soldiers pushing a metal crate in Lexcorp. The crate is then later shown to hold General Zod’s dead body. Now from the comics, Luthor used Superman’s DNA to build two beings he hoped would kill Superman – Doomsday and Bizarro. Now, there have been plenty of rumours about Doomsday being an element in Dawn of Justice that forces Batman and Superman to postpone their fight and band together to destroy. It could be interesting and it would be great to see a Superman fighting some of his forgotten villains when it comes to live-action cinema. There’s also a line in the trailer were Batman says, “he has the power to wipe out the entire human race and we have to destroy him.” Now the ‘he’ Batman refers to could just be Superman but maybe it is Doomsday and the ‘we’ that needs to destroy him is Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman.


I’m also hoping that the woman we see leading the soldiers is actually Mercy Graves. I always loved her in the cartoons as Luthor’s chauffeur/bodyguard/everything in between and it’s about time she got a big screen debut.

Well those were my favourite moments from the trailer. Did I miss anything you really liked? Leave a comment below


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