That Awkward Moment Review

So I watched That Awkward Moment…


As many movies as I watch, often, I miss out on seeing a few in theatres. I’m either too busy or there’s just too many movies to see and a few gems that I was really excited to see slip through the cracks. This is one of those movies. I remember really looking forward to seeing this but for some reason, I just didn’t get the chance. After watching this movie, I realise just how much regret I had about missing it in theatres.

Okay, basic plot: Jason (Zac Efron) and Daniel (Miles Teller) are best friends who are enjoying the promiscuous sex and commitment-less fun that comes with being single. When their other best friend Mikey (Michael B. Jordon) separates from his wife, the pair welcome him back to the single life with open arms.They make a pact to stay single and have as much fun as they can while avoiding relationships. Things become complicated when all three men meet women who they want to enter relationships with. The trio must now attempt to date their prospective mates while staying true to their pact.


I know I’ve said this countless times in previous posts but I LOVE romcoms. There’s something about the appeal of falling in love while a corny pop song blares that resonates with me. Yes, I know, I’m a big girl. Romcoms are ‘chick flicks’, in that, they’re made for chicks but what if someone made a romcom from a guy’s perspective? What if a romcom was a ‘guy flick’? That’s what That Awkward Moment is. It takes all the sappiness and romance of a romcom and sieves it through a filter of testosterone, silly guy jokes and emotional unavailability and comes up with a really funny comedy with an offbeat style. I loved this movie’s style because you can really feel that it was made with men in mind. This movie’s jokes and its script felt so genuine because they perfectly encapsulated what, and more importantly, how men think.


There’s a real pack mentality throughout the whole movie. By pack mentality I mean, the differences between how men act around women and how men act around their friends. There’s a real sense of friendship in the movie which is brought to life brilliantly by the cast. The three leads in this movie are up-and-coming stars which really excite me. They do amazing jobs in this movie and really show their class. Their acting is without doubt the best feature of this movie. Zac Efron, in particular, impressed me greatly. I like Efron and hope that he can parlay his tween fandom into leading man success. Another actor who impressed me in this movie was Imogen Poots. She has this fun, woodsprite energy that she brought to her role as Ellie – Jason’s love interest – which really made her character memorable.

Overall, That Awkward Moment, is a fun romantic comedy told from a guy’s perspective. It has great off-centre, brash comedy but also moments of true sweetness and charm. It’s definitely worth a watch and I’d suggest seeing it with a partner, 7/10


4 thoughts on “That Awkward Moment Review

    1. Hahahaha yeah, “rock out with your cock out” I was laughing so hard. The whole cast did a fantastic job, hoping to see them really become big stars

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  1. This one wasn’t on my radar, but I like Miles Teller, and the little I’ve seen of Michael Jordan, so I’d be willing to give it a chance based on their names, but your review just moved it up my list.
    Romcom can be a bit of a dirty word, but I think there’s potential in the genre, as in any genre, and I’d definitely like to see a lot more of it from a man’s perspective. Lots of couples have at least one guy and some even have two, so apparently they also are falling in and out of love, and it’s about time we start seeing how they feel about it!

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