So…where’s this going? My plans for 2016

With 2016 already halfway through its second month, I thought it was about time to share what you can expect from my little corner of the Internet.


1. More participation in activities with other blogs

At the moment I’m currently taking part in The Acting Black Blogathon which is being hosted by Dell On Movies. It’s a tribute to black excellence in film and I intend on contributing three posts. One on Laurence Fishburne in Hoodlum, another on Whoopi Goldberg in The Colour Purple and lastly, a review on the up and coming star that is Zoe Kravitz.  Beyond this particular Blogathon I’m hoping to join in on the fun with several others and maybe even start one of my own.


New Year Wallpaper.

2. Best & Worst Lists of 2015 films

This year I decided to hold off on publishing a Best and Worst list until the beginning of April. It takes certain movies (usually Oscar contenders) a bit more time to make their way to the cinemas in my part of the world, plus there’s plenty of movies that I just didn’t get around to seeing. Last year this led to several notable omissions from my list of Best 2014 movies and I don’t want to repeat that mistake.



3. Classic Movie Thursdays

A while back a friend suggested that, in honour of Throwback Thursday, I should review classic movies such as Citizen Kane, A Clockwork Orange and several others. I thought it was a great idea but (as per usual) I procrastinated and never got around to actually implementing it. Well it’s time for growth and for me to stop being so lazy. So starting from the 3rd of March, I’ll have a classic movie review up every Thursday. If there’s a classic movie you’d like me to review just comment below and I’ll get to it.



4. Guest Writers!

This blogging thing can be quite taxing so I’ve decided that a little outsourcing is needed. The first Wednesday of every month, starting in April, will feature a post from a guest writer. This post doesn’t have to necessarily be a movie review. It can be an opinion piece, a list of favourite movies, a character bio; anything works as long as it has to do with film. Now this isn’t just for seasoned bloggers, anybody can be a guest writer. I’m opening up the doors so anyone who wants to be involved can just comment below.



5. A little break

I love this blog and interacting with not only fellow bloggers but the casual reader. It’s given me a great way to express my love for film but I’ve been blogging almost non-stop for a while now and it’s starting to feel tedious and too much like a job. So in order to curb this, I’m going to take a break somewhere in the year. I don’t know when exactly but I’m going to need a few weeks off to just reset. I’ll give you enough heads up so my regular readers don’t think I’m dead or have lost my internet connection.



So that’s the basic outline of what you can expect from KG’s Movie Rants in 2016. I’ll try to do more as the year progresses but for now I think that’s a few good goals to work towards. While you wait for me to implement the features listed above, I’ll still be posting reviews as often as I can. To see a complete alphabetised list of all my reviews click here. As always, your thoughts are not only appreciated but encouraged. I do this as much for you as I do myself; so please comment below and tell me if there’s anything else you’d like me to do, a movie I should watch or a review you enjoyed.


7 thoughts on “So…where’s this going? My plans for 2016

  1. Looking forward to what you come up with this year. And we all need a break sometimes. My own plan was to scale back the number of posts this year. January went well. This month has been a bit hectic with the Blogathon, though.

    Classic Movie Thursdays is a great idea. Citizen Kane is a great one to start with. I do have a more vague suggestion for you that might be helpful in the decision making process. Find the “greatest movie” list of your choice (AFI top 100, imdb top 250, 1001 Movies To See Before You Die, some other blogger’s, etc) and cherry pick the ones you haven’t seen, yet.

    I think we’ve spoke on this guest posting thing before (forgive me if we haven’t), but I would love to do that and hope you can return the gesture.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. What’s that old saying, “life is what happens when you’re busy making plans”? Whenever I think about slowing things down, something comes up that forces me to increase my effort. It’s difficult to stop (even temporarily) what you love.

      Thanks for the suggestion. It’s difficult trying to narrow down what movies I want to feature because there are hundreds of classics. I’ll check out the AFI list.

      We did speak about the guest post thing. I’m still finalising things, sorry I haven’t gotten back to you about it and I’ll be more than happy to feature on your blog.


  2. Great ideas KG! I’ll think about submitting a review. I usually love African American films, so I’ll be in touch if I review one. Keep in mind, I’ve never done a review. But I am pretty opinionated, so I’ll figure it out.


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