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So I’ve been a bad blogger lately. Life outside the blog has been a bit rough over the last few weeks and I haven’t been maintaining my blog the way I should. Sadder than that I haven’t been as involved in reading the work of my blogger friends. Saddest of all I can count the number of times I’ve been to the cinema in the past month on one hand! ONE! It might not sound too tragic but for a cinephile like me, that’s massive. So here’s hoping I get back on track and back to blogging regularly.

Now one of the many things I’ve neglected – over the past few weeks – was accepting a Liebster Award nomination from Dell over at Dell On Movies. He has a great blog, so do yourself a favour and head over and give it a look.I was lucky enough to receive this award last year and I’m over the moon to be getting it again. When I started this little blog, I didn’t think anyone would read it and that even less people would like it; so getting some positive reinforcement feels wonderful.

The rules of the award are pretty simple:

1) Answer the 11 questions given by the person who nominated you
2) Nominate other bloggers (up to 11) and give them 11 questions to answer.


1. Name an actor or actress who’s films you will always see, no matter what. Tell us why?

This is a difficult one because there’s quite a few actors who could be the answer to this but I’ll go with the most obvious choice – Meryl Streep. In every field you get masters of the craft. These are people who produce brilliance with every piece of work; Meryl Streep is a master at acting. Regardless of whether the movie is good or bad, she puts out a stellar performance. She’s an acting god and occupies a place among the elite. Added to this she’s managed to have great longevity and even when she makes a fun movie where she can let her hair down, she never drops her high standards.

2. Name an actor or actress who’s films you try not to see, no matter what. Tell us why?

Hmm this is a tough one because I’m usually up to watch any movie. I think Taylor Lautner, actually the entire lead cast of Twilight qualify for this. Kirsten Stewart just doesn’t look like she’s capable of having fun and this stops me from having fun. Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner just aren’t good actors in my opinion and I’m not a fan of seeing stale acting.

1920x1080 Wallpaper
3. What movie would you like to see get a sequel that never got one?

There’s so many movies that spring to mind and my answer keeps changing the more I think about it. I’m gonna go with Watchmen, I think it was an extremely underrated film and one of Zack Snyder’s best. It told the superhero story in a new and refreshing way, a way that no movie since has been able to. Though it would be pointless without Rorschach so I guess it would need a prequel.

Electric Cinema
4. Where is your ideal seat in a movie theater?

Top row, in the centre of the theatre. Preferably with the chair directly in front of me empty so that I can put my feet up.

5. Other than in a theater, how do you watch most movies? (Redbox, Netflix, online, Blu-Rays/DVDs you own, etc.)

Most of the movies I watch outside the cinema are on my PC. I download them off the internet or from friends. I have been streaming more and more lately though.

6. Name a movie you love from a genre you hate.

I’m not a big fan of disaster movies but San Andreas starring Dwayne Johnson really hit the mark with me. Went in ready to hate it but left entertained and with a few tears still running down my cheeks.

7. Name a movie you hate from a genre you love.

Fantastic 4 (2015). I love comic book movies and I grew up watching the Fantastic Four cartoon so this excuse for a movie cut me deep. Even when I watch a bad movie, I’m glad that I went out to the cinema. This ‘movie’ had me hating the cinema.

8. What classic era director (1960s or earlier) would’ve made a great superhero movie? Why?

Orson Welles – Batman

I recently watched Citizen Kane for the first time and I was amazed by its progressive and ground-breaking character – not only in terms of acting and directing but also in terms of its storytelling style, it’s visual effects and the way it was shot. To think that Welles made such a classic on his first time out boggles the mind. The reason why I think he would be great for Batman is because Batman reminds me a lot of Charles Foster Kane, both are characters dominated by their past and the fact that their childhoods were stolen from them. Both are men of extreme focus and determination and both have a villainous quality to them.

It would be interesting to see what Welles does with one of the most complex heroes in all of comic books. Plus with the state of the art technology Welles would have at his disposal, the look and feel of the movie would be a dream.

9. What currently working director would’ve made a great classic era noir? Why?

Christopher Nolan without doubt. Nolan already has a retro style to the way he produces movies. He’s a fan of practical effects and all his films have this old-time charm to them. The types of stories Nolan chooses to make would also be perfectly suited to the noir genre. Memento and The Prestige are timeless movies and I think they could have been great noir films with a little tweaking.

10. What famous person would you like to see get a biopic that hasn’t had one?

Hmmm there’s so many answers that come to mind. I’m gonna list a few I’d love to see

  • Barack Obama
  • Oprah Winfrey
  • Steven Spielberg
  • Bill Gates (though I think it would be boring because he’s such a nice guy)

11. You’re going to spend the rest of your life all alone on a deserted island. You’re allowed to bring only three movies with you. What are they and why?

The Dark Knight

It’s the best superhero movie ever made and it’s my favourite movie. I pop it in when I’m sad, when I’m happy, it’s my go-to movie. It’s a truly amazing film and one of the best things Christopher Nolan has ever produced.

Toy Story

This was one of the first movies my family ever owned on VHS (kids, ask your parents what that is). I’ve watched it dozens of times. It’s one of my favourite movies and it was also a gamechanger in terms of animation. It truly is a timeless classic.


If I’m stuck on a deserted island, I’m going to want tips on how to survive. This is a brilliant movie and Tom Hanks showed how you can survive on your own and I plan on emulating his success. I’m going to let my hair grow out, get a volleyball and lose my mind a bit. WILSON!!!!!


Now for the really part – sharing the love. So here are my nominations, hope you guys find a minute to accept this award.

My Female Persuasion

KE Garland

How to watch a movie

A Space Blogyssey

Fernby Films

Not all my nominees are film bloggers so, if you accept the award, don’t feel obligated to stick to questions about film.

My questions:

  1. Snack of choice when you go watch a movie?
  2. What movie title best describes your love life?
  3. What movie do you think should never have been made?
  4. What movie from your childhood would you love to see remade?
  5. Do you prefer to see movies alone of with a partner and why?
  6. If you could have dinner with any two movie stars (dead or alive) who would they be and why?
  7. Do you put ketchup on your fries or do you pour the ketchup on the side and dip your fries?
  8. What song is currently on repeat on your playlist?
  9. If you could be any movie character, who would you be and why?
  10. If you could only watch one movie for the rest of your life, what would it be?
  11. What movie did you expect to hate but ended up loving?


8 thoughts on “Liebster Award

  1. First of all welcome back kg! Secondly, I actually taught Ashley Greene (one of the stars from the Twilight Series) lol, but I share the same sentiments. Thirdly, there’s a film coming out about how Michelle and Barack O. got together; looks like it’ll be pretty interesting. So, like My Female Persuasion, I don’t participate in blogging awards, but I do so APPRECIATE it and you! Also, I haven’t forgotten about my review. My plan is to review a specific type of movie and tie it to my book release (hope that’s okay).


    1. Ashley Greene doesn’t sound familiar but to be honest I’ve only seen one Twilight movie and I blocked it from memory soon after. Thanks for the warm wishes back, happy to be blogging again. Your idea for a review sounds great, when’s the book release? Sign me up for a copy.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you for the nomination! Let’s see if I can come up with 11 questions for my acceptance post.

    I love your answer that you’d bring Cast Away to the deserted island! Brilliant! 😀


  3. Welcome back! Happy to see you’re doing okay. Hopefully, life is slowing down a bit for you. Thanks for not forgetting about this. Love that you would bring Castaway if you were stuck on a deserted island. Great answer. The Dark Knight absolutely IS the best superhero flick of all-time (haven’t seen the latest contender, yet, Civil War). That said, an Orson Welles Batman movie might be a slice of heaven. Sitting in the top row at the theater, huh? In most theaters that’s just too far back for my tastes, but to each his own.

    Liked by 1 person

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