Against The Crowd Blogathon 2017: Day 1 Recap


The first day of this year’s Against The Crowd Blogathon has come, gone and already produced some entries that will ruffle a few feathers. Please, do yourself a favour and check out these links

Joel65913  details how something fluffy can have substance and how something meant to be deep can be shallow and vapid.

Big Screen Small Words  stands up for a movie I assumed everyone loved and tears a film apart that I assume nobody’s heard of.

Thanks to these two for kicking the blogathon off with some entertaining and passionate posts. You can still add your voice to this blogathon and show the world why they’re wrong about a movie. Do so by either commenting on my co-host’s blog, my blog; or alternatively, you can also tweet it to either of us @w_ott3 or @KGsMovieRants1.

Seeking inspiration, here’s a few previous entries to get the juices flowing.

2014 Entries

2015 Entries

2016 entries


4 thoughts on “Against The Crowd Blogathon 2017: Day 1 Recap

  1. Pardon me if this is a double post. I’ve been having trouble commenting here, lately. I hope I’ve figured it out.

    I was just remarking that I have seen both movies in the post by Big Screen Small Words. The latter was something that caught my attention while I was scrolling through Netflix one night.

    The post looks great. Thanks!


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