Lucy Review

Ooooh first official blog entry, exciting.

So I watched Lucy…


Let me just say I was dreading watching this movie – the trailer hadn’t piqued my interest and a few friends had given it negative reviews but I love going to the cinema so I gave it a chance…I shouldn’t have.

I watched the movie for free (thanks to a voucher from a friend) and I still feel like I overpayed. The biggest problem with the movie is that you don’t ever connect with any of the characters. If Lucy had gotten shot in the head,  I wouldn’t have cared.

Not that she could get shot, of course, because she’s all-powerful because of some super brain steroid that the movie never really explains. Basically Lucy becomes super smart, unlocks 100% of her brain capacity and gains all the powers Neo had in The Matrix. Unfortunately because she’s so powerful now (much like Neo in the 2nd and 3rd Matrix movies) you’re never afraid for her safety, you never think she can fail so nothing is at stake i.e. the movie is boring.

The movie as a whole just feels like a badly executed National Geographic special on Evolution and the human brain. About 60% of the movie consists of Morgan Freeman and Scarlett Johansson lecturing us about “knowledge” and “neurons”.

I’m a fan of suspending belief and just totally throwing science and reality out the window but this movie doesn’t even attempt to put a little science into its fiction. The movie thinks, if it throws enough biological jargon and flashing lights at you that it can dazzle you into believing and being entertained by its premise. The movie is WRONG!

I think Scarlett Johansson played the role well but the role was so badly written that her acting choices seem horrible.

Overall the movie feels like an emotionless, poorly-written knockoff of Limitless. I mean the drugs are even the same colour.

This movie is definitely on my list of worst movies for 2014. Not worth a trip to the cinema, the dvd store or even to a local piracy site. 3/10

One thought on “Lucy Review

  1. Go Barry. Yes I just wanted to be the 1st one to comment. Hahaha. Without even watching it I had a feeling this movie would go that route. Good to know I am vindicated in my choice not to watch it.

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