Gaurdians of The Galaxy review

So I watched Guardians of the Galaxy today…


Marvel has all but perfected the process of turning a comic book into an entertaining movie!
The best thing about this movie is the chemistry and banter between characters. Every actor puts in a solid shift and makes you actually care about their character. Everyone’s gonna be singing Chris Pratt’s praises after this but I feel Dave Bautista, as Drax The Destroyer, was a real scene stealer and I enjoyed seeing his character the most.

The script is also incredibly funny, think of the wit that made The Avengers so great, now imagine if every character (and not just Iron Man) had witty, funny lines.

I could have done with a little bit more action but this would have meant less time for character banter and wit so I can’t actually complain about the action in the flick.

The soundtrack used in this movie can almost be counted as another character. The songs really add depth and round up every scene AND I love Hans Zimmer, but it was nice watching a movie where the Music Composer had the balls to pick songs that actually had lyrics and move away from the trend of wordless Inception “BWAAAAASSSS”

I’d been waiting for this movie for months and throughtout watching the movie I never felt disappointed or bored – which in the disappointment of a movie-year this has been, that’s saying alot.

Side note: you really have to admire the work that Marvel has put into creating a cinematic universe. There’s mention of Thanos and the Kree and, hopefully, we get a huge Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy movie. Make it happen Kevin Feigie!!

All in all, great movie and one of the best comic books movies I’ve ever seen, on par (if not better) than The Avenegers. I’m probably gonna see it a couple more times at the cinema so you should make a trip at least once. 8/10.

P.S. I am Groot!!

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