Before I Go To Sleep Review

So I went to watch Before I Go To Sleep…


I did something I don’t normally do with this movie – I watched it without watching the trailer, reading reviews or knowing what the plot was at all. Because of this, I walked in with zero expectations and zero limitations on how good the movie could be. Reason why I mention this is because I feel like not knowing what the movie was gonna offer actually suited the plot of the movie and made it more enjoyable.

Okay basic plot: Nicole Kidman plays an amnesiac who, after suffering a mystery attack, can’t form memories beyond a day. She wakes up every morning and has to be reminded that she’s married and deal with the years of memories she’s lost whilst she tries to solve the mystery of the attack that caused her amnesia. I know exactly what you’re thinking – it’s a total ripoff of Memento and, honestly, it is. However, instead of tattoos, Kidman’s character has a camera she uses to remember the days events and provide purpose to the next day.

In the beginning of the movie I was busy comparing every scene to Memento but the movie sticks to its own pace and sets itself apart quite nicely. You really feel invovled in the process the character is going through, trying to reclaim her past and, just like her, you’re never really sure of anything so the movie keeps you guessing and engaged.

The main thing, actually the only thing, that drew me to this movie was the cast. Colin Firth, Nicole Kidman and (the underrated) Mark Strong. The leads don’t disappoint and a lot of the movie is just them talking to each other but their performances are so enthralling that they suck you in and never let you go. Colin Firth is especially brilliant as Kidman’s husband who’s had to suffer through convincing her everyday of who he is and what they have together.

The script isn’t amazing and there weren’t really any lines that blew me away but the story as a whole is extremely entertaining and surprisingly unpredictable.

I don’t think this movie is gonna make a ton of money or get the praise it deserves. If you’ve never seen Memento, you’ll like it. If you have seen Memento, your ability to stop comparing the two is gonna determine whether you enjoy this movie or not. The stories between the two are similar but if you can’t appreciate both as separate entities you’re gonna end up missing out on a really greater thriller.

This movie deserves a trip to the cinema and a big tub of popcorn, I wish I could watch it again but I wouldn’t like it much cause the twist wouldn’t shock me. Yes, there’s a twist, sorry spoilers. 7/10

Oh here’s a challenge, watch this movie and then Memento and tell me which you prefer.

3 thoughts on “Before I Go To Sleep Review

    1. I agree. I actually would have loved if the movie had gone for a bolder ending. If it had ended when Christine finds out that her husband isn’t exactly who he says he is. She wakes up the next morning (memory gone) and he says “I’m your husband, Ben” i would have LOVED that ending.


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