Fast & Furious 7 Review

So I watched Fast and Furious 7 or as I like to call it, ‘Fuck Physics 7’…


So let me start by saying that I’m a huge fan of this franchise. Yes, it breaks the laws of physics, logic and human anatomy but it’s so entertaining! It’s just fun to see fast cars, cool stunts and amazing action. So, needless to say, I walked into this movie with pretty high expectations. The last few movies had met and exceeded my expectations but, sadly, this one left me disappointed.

Okay, basic plot: Paul Walker passed away and this is pretty much a 2 hour memorial service to him. Forget about the action you expect from the Fast Franchise, instead, catch yourself trying to figure out how they’re going to write Paul Walker’s character out of the franchise and which parts of the movie had Paul Walker’s brother filling in for him.

paul-walker-vin-diesel-01-570x450Okay, I joke about it but I really have to commend the filmmakers for how they handled Walker’s death. I don’t want to spoil anything but it’s very tastefully done and it isn’t as simple as his character just dying. You also really feel the bond that him and Vin Diesel have and when Vin’s character says goodbye to him in the movie, you feel that he’s sending Walker a message.

It’s all really sweet but damnit, we came to see fast cars and explosions. So let’s get to it. Once again, I have to tip my hat to the filmmakers, in particular Vin Diesel, for how devoted they are to improving fan satisfaction. Jason Statham was brought in because of an overwhelming desire from the fans for him to join the franchise. There’s a ton of big names in this movie and that’s one of the main problems – there’s just too much happening. There’s too many characters, too many stories to remember and this just dilutes the story.


I mean, the premise of this movie was really interesting. The crew is being hunted by Jason Statham because of the events of the last movie, sounds good right? But the plot gets so convoluted and unnecessarily complicated and introduces far too many characters and subplots that the whole movie just becomes flimsy, bloated and a bit boring. It’s really sad because the previous movies – even though they had illogical stunts and threw the laws of physics out the window – they were built on a solid story with a clear focus. This movie just has too many big name cameos and secondary characters that the focus of the movie just gets lost in all the big names trying to get screen time.

There’s a change of director and I think this really influenced the quality of the movie. The new guy, James Wan, does some pretty cool things with some innovative camera work but, at times, it just felt excessive and disorientating rather than exhilarating.

Furious 7 Film

movies-furious-7But the stunts and action in this movie are still amazing. They skydive cars, they drive cars off of cliffs and a million other insane things that are amazing to see on screen. The level of action and entertainment has definitely being raised and it’s so much fun to see. There’s no way to properly describe it, you have to see it to believe it. Jason Statham and The Rock have a fight scene…if that doesn’t already blow your mind then nothing will, my friend.

The best thing about this movie, besides the action, definitely has to be the humour especially that provided by Tyrese. I’ve liked Tyrese in this franchise but I’ve always found him a little bit annoying because his lines of dialogue often have no effect on the story and it just seems like he talks so he can earn that paycheque. But in this movie, he’s genuinely funny and really carries the humour in the film.

Overall, this movie just tries to do too much. There’s a few too many characters and subplots and this really takes away from the story. I loved how they payed tribute to the memory of Paul Walker though and I’m really sad to see his character leave the franchise. It isn’t as good as Fast & Furious 6 but if you’re a fan of the franchise, it’s worth a watch. The action is amazing and the homage to Paul Walker is touching. Not the best in the franchise but still entertaining as FUCK!  6/10

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    1. I can handle there been very little story as long as the story there is links the action. In this movie it just felt like the action came out of nowhere and had nothing to do with anything.

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