Get Hard Review

So I watched Get Hard…


I was really looking forward to this movie. The trailer was funny, Kevin Hart is at the peak of comedic powers and Will Ferrell is an old pro who doesn’t often disappoint. And this movie doesn’t disappoint. It isn’t a super smart comedy or have the quick-fire dialogue of a movie like Horrible Bosses 2 (the gold standard by which I judge all recent comedies) but it works and it’s a great watch.

Okay, so basic plot: remember The Karate Kid? Okay well instead of Danielson you have Will Ferrell as James King, a highly successful albeit extremely naive hedge fund manager. who is framed for fraud and embezzlement.  Now instead of Mr MIyagi training him to fight the Cobra Kai; you have Kevin Hart, playing Darnell Lewis, training him how to fight off getting anally raped in jail.


Kevin Hart is sitting on the throne of Hollywood comedy at the moment. I don’t think he’s the funniest man in entertainment at the moment – Chris Rock still has that title, in my opinion; but he is better at making movies than Rock. I also think he’s aware that this purple patch he’s going through won’t last forever and that he needs to churn out as many movies as he can while he’s still hot. I’m not complaining, I think he’s great and this movie just shows this off. He’s perfected the loud, brash, shit-talking funny man and it’s great fun to watch.

Get Hard

But let’s not forget about Will Ferrell here. He still has it! I’ve heard a few people describe this as a Kevin Hart movie with Will Ferrell in it but I really think the spotlight in this movie is shared pretty equally, with Ferrell stealing the show at times. The best thing about this movie is the comedic chemistry between Ferrell and Hart. I’d seen the two in a few interviews promoting the movie and you immediately get the sense that these two guys like and respect each other and this translates so well on to film. Hart had a movie with Josh Gad – The Wedding Ringer  – earlier this year and the plot of that movie is very similar to this one (nerdy, conservative guy needs Hart’s character to get him out of a jam) but the chemistry between Hart and Gad wasn’t as tangible as it is with Ferrell. This chemistry is what makes the movie such a success.

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This movie is actually really funny and I really liked that the majority of the humour in the movie is rooted in the dialogue instead of slapstick comedy. Look I’m a big a fan of people getting hit by things and walking into things and falling off things but I think it’s just so much better to laugh at people talking to each other and making jokes at the other’s expense. This movie is really well done and the jokes are really well thought out, well written and expertly brought to life by Hart and Ferrell.

T.I. also has a really entertaining cameo as Darnell’s gangbanging cousin. 

The movie’s plot isn’t exactly original and I guess it doesn’t need to be. Five minutes into the movie and you’ll have figured out exactly where the plot is heading and how the movie will end but this isn’t really a problem because you’re there fore the laughs, not the plot twists.

Overall, a really funny and entertaining movie. Kevin Hart sparkles, Will Ferrell dazzles and both keep you in stitches from start to finish. Definitely worth a trip to the cinema. 8/10

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