Against The Crowd Blogathon 2017: My Entry and Day 5 Recap


This is my second year taking part in The Against the Crowd Blogathon and also my second year co-hosting alongside my blogging big brother, Dell On Movies. The premise is simple: find two movies – one that the world hates and you love, and one that the world loves and you hate; make your case for why the world is wrong and watch your comment section blow up. The two movies I’ve picked are perfect kindle for the fire I hope my praise and distaste for them, respectively, starts.



Now, I watch more movies than most but I actively avoid portraying myself as a movie connoisseur/snob who knows best BUT this is one of those times that I’m 100% convinced that I know better. Snowpiercer is a terrible movie no matter which way you look at it. Let’s start with its plot. The world freezes over and our best strategy to combat global extinction is…move to another planet? Create shelters that can withstand the cold? No, it’s to build a god-train that can somehow run endlessly on tracks that never need to be maintained. Are you serious? How would that even work? Don’t train tracks need maintenance? Don’t trains themselves undergo wear and tear? Is this train built out of Wolverine’s skeleton and does it run on tears from unicorns?

Nonsense premise aside, the film is also just so unoriginal. This film came out in a time when the world was engrossed in the victors of games of hunger, who proved themselves to be divergent from the norm while running through mazes. We’d seen the dystopian future built on an elitist class system and, trust me, we’d had enough. Snowpiercer takes the themes of its competitors, puts them in a blender and serves it up as original and refreshing. It isn’t.

The film is also so inconsistent, with characters going from being ass-kicking ninjas to powerless puppies. The film and its actors also take themselves far too seriously. I appreciate that Chris Evans was trying to avoid being typecast and wanted to take on a darker, grittier role but would it have killed him to smile? Even the hobo I pass everyday whose stomach is surely growling, finds a reason to smile everyday. Why couldn’t Evans give his character a moment of joy? This movie is pseudointellectual trash. It isn’t even intellectual, it’s just trash actually.


Now another place I’m convinced that I’m 100% right and the world is wrong is in my love of the Fast and Furious Franchise. It’s had some tough times, I don’t necessarily love every installment but one that I definitely do love is Fast and Furious (aka the fourth one). After (mistakenly) trying to carry this franchise on without the irreplaceable Vin Diesel, the franchise comes to its senses and enlists Vin and his patented whisper-growl for another high-octane ride. From the very first scene, we’re reminded of what we missed in Diesel’s absence. Yes, drifting is cool and driving in reverse at 100mph without looking at the road is pretty dope BUT it doesn’t quite live up to sliding a car under an exploding fuel truck in the Dominican Republic. That’s just the starter to the thrills that come with Diesel’s return.

The franchise goes back to its roots with street-racing featuring more prominently and the bromance between Vin Diesel’s Dom and Paul Walker’s Brian being reignited. Add to that, the delicious Gal Gadot and what more could you ask for? The action is high-paced and almost unrelenting. This film also features one of the best plots of the entire franchise – I realise that isn’t saying much but any plot in these movies needs to be appreciated.

This film is entertaining and it might not make you want to change the world but it will make you grip the steering wheel of your modest, sensible family sedan more tightly and rev the engine just a little bit harder on your way to buy diapers. In a world where sensibility and logic will kill most of your dreams, don’t we need a ridiculous and FUN action movie to help us live vicariously? I say we do!


Now this post’s title promised a recap and a recap you shall have. Here’s all the fun that was had on day 5:

Dancin’ Dan on Film berates a film for not living up to its title and praises a sci-fi thriller which got more flack than it should have.

Rambling Film doesn’t mince words as she tears apart one of Pixar’s best and does a great job standing up for a little known animation.

My co-host, Dell On Movies sinks his teeth in and tears a film apart for being pretentious and praises another for just being ‘cool’.

The blogathon is spinning down to an end but there is still time for you to add your two cents. Click here to find out how.





11 thoughts on “Against The Crowd Blogathon 2017: My Entry and Day 5 Recap

  1. I never saw Fast 4 (they should’ve picked a different title) but I’m sure it’s better than its 28% suggests. Those movies aren’t perfect but they’re at least fun.

    I love Snowpiercer but I get why not everyone loves it. There is quite a few plot holes lol

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  2. I didn’t hate Snowpiercer, but I did finish it still wondering what all the fuss was about. And yeah, a smile from Evans would’ve been a nice touch to an intensely serious movie. I’m a big fan of the F&F franchise, but this one is one of my least favorites. It just feels rather bland compared to the rest. Don’t get me wrong. I still like it, so I definitely appreciate you picking it. And yes, any plot in these movies needs to be applauded.

    Thanks for the excellent entry! Thanks for the kind words! And especially thanks for co-hosting with me once again!


  3. So very much YES to the loathing for Snowpiercer!!! I detested it! I thought going in…trains-love them…Chris Evans, able to be both actiony and funny-love him…apocalyptic adventure-usually enjoy them…so this should be great…but it was as far from great as possible. First of all I HATE the blue/black palatte!! Oh so trendy and cutting edge-screw that I want to SEE the picture if I’m investing time in watching and one of the first things I learned when I worked at a movie theatre was if the film is dark the filmmakers were cheaping out on the lighting to save money. The director was an idiot not to use Evans’s considerable charisma and that smile, he had him acting like a nonentity but then the direction was bad overall so I suppose it shouldn’t be a surprise that he squandered his leading man. Then as you said the damn thing made zero sense and was utterly humorless. Speaking of which I got a big chuckle out of your line about unicorn tears!

    I allowed myself to be dragged to the first Fast & Furious film by my nephew and while I didn’t hate it I was rather bored by it so I have avoided all the many, many, many sequels. However I hadn’t realized they tried to cut Vin Diesel out of them at one point, he’s a big lummox but he seems an integral piece of the series.


    1. Yesss!!!!!! Finally another person who gets why Snowpiercer isn’t worth much. I feel like I’ve been wandering through a wasteland and just found another human being.

      Apparently they didn’t try cutting Diesel out, he declined to be in the sequels so he could do more “serious” films. Glad he decided to stop trying to win an Oscar and got back to the silly action that he’s best at.


  4. I saw Snowpiercer, like many movies, just for Ed Harris and it’s just such a terrible film. The story makes no sense but it’s also so boring. I cannot believe they are taking this idea and making a TV series about it


  5. I never got the chance to see snowpiercer because it was never properly released in the UK because of some sort of disagreement with the director and the producers.

    The fourth installment of F&F is one of the few F&F films I have yet to see


  6. I liked Snowpiercer; I was in it for the grimness of it all, although the train thing doesn’t make sense. I haven’t seen Fast & Furious; I never got around to watching the previous sequels and I don’t think these are stand alone movies and would have to watch the series from the beginning.

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    1. Sigh, Snowpiercer will never work for me. The Fast and Furious movies are actually in a weird order. The fourth one is actually the third (story wise) and the third one is the seventh one…weird, I know but worth watching for some stupid fun.


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