Jurassic Park Review

So I watched Jurassic Park…


After watching Jurassic World, it’s fair to say that I’ve got dinosaurs on the brain. Now even though Jurassic World was a bit of a let down, it did get something right, namely, it really made me want to watch Jurassic Park so I could see how a good dinosaur movie goes.

Okay, basic plot: John Hammond has an idea for a daring and innovative theme park which offers guests the opportunity to see real life dinosaurs. When a worker is accidentally killed by a velacoraptor, the company funding the park insists he have expert scientists consult to guarantee the park’s safety. Something goes haywire and the scientists, Hammond and his grandchildren are trapped in this park while bloodthirsty dinosaurs roam around looking for lunch.

JURASSIC PARK, 1993. ©Universal/courtesy Everett Collection
JURASSIC PARK, 1993. ©Universal/courtesy Everett Collection

Now, this movie is without doubt a classic. It just works on so many levels. The obvious highlight being the special effects used to make the dinosaurs. I was watching a documentary about the company that designed the dinosaurs and the groundbreaking steps they needed to take in order to deliver this product. A product that has held up for over twenty years. There are movies being made today that have worst special effects than Jurassic Park. Now while that’s a indictment on the poor quality of CGI movies are offering us, it’s also a real word of praise to the high level of effort and expertise exhibited by everyone involved in making Jurassic Park.

But I don’t think the dinosaurs are the best thing about this movie. Seeing dinosaurs chasing and killing people would be pretty hollow without meaningful characters for us to connect with. Now Jurassic Park does something that a lot of thriller/horror/monster movies have tried but failed to do: it makes me glad this movie had kids. Kids in these kinds of movies often annoy me – they’re slow, stupid and whiny.


Now the kids in Jurassic Park are all of the above but they’re also really endearing. All the adults in this movie seem pretty cavalier about the dinosaurs but the kids really embody the audience’s horror and fear.

All the actors in this movie add something to the quality of the entertainment. Jeff Goldblum’s eccentric and lecherous Ian Malcolm is by far my favourite character in this movie. He’s straight-talking and sees everything that’s going to go wrong before it happens. He’s such an interesting character that I wish he had a bigger part in this movie or even his own movie (oh wait, this is probably the exact thought process that led to Jurassic Park 2. Never mind I take it all back).

I’ve watched this movie a couple of times but I always feel that sense of terror that I did when I first saw it. Every time I watch the kitchen scene with the raptors and the kids I’m genuinely scared. I know the kids are gonna survive it cause a. I’ve seen this movie before and b. This isn’t my first time watching a movie so I know the kids have to survive; but I’m still terrified. I can feel my heart thumping in my chest every time.

I also like how the dinosaurs aren’t necessarily in every scene of this movie. The movie takes its time establishing itself then gives you an action packed ride filled with tangible terror and excitement.


This movie is also stuffed with iconic scenes and pieces of dialogue. Practically everything Jeff Goldblum says is a meme now. But I think my favourite moment is right at the end when the raptors are closing in and the T Rex shows up out of nowhere, devours them and show’s that she’s the Queen of the park as the banner in the room floats down over her. Absolutely amazing!

Overall, this movie deserves its icon status. Everyone always talks about the amazing special effects, as they should, but I think there are some truly wonderful characters amidts all this dazzling technology that really make the film special. 8/10

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