Before We Go Review

So I watched Before We Go…


I didn’t even know this film existed until I saw its poster at the cinema. My girlfriend chose it and I’ve always been a fan of romcoms, so I thought ‘why not?’. After seeing it, I can think of plenty reasons why not.

Okay, basic plot: Nick (Chris Evans) is a musician playing at Grand Central station when he comes across a woman in need – Brooke (Alice Eve). Brooke desperately needs to get to Boston but her purse has just been stolen and she has no money. Nick offers his help and the two go on a wild adventure around New York as they try to find a way to get Brooke home.


This film describes my favourite kind of first date: meeting a stranger in the middle of the night and exploring the city while trying to accomplish some odd task. It’s an experience I’ve never had and one I’m not likely to have but it’s a nice daydream to have. So with all of this you’d expect me to love this movie right? Wrong! This movie isn’t original – we’ve seen this type a story a million times over – or fun really.

It does have cool moments and jokes that will bring a sporadic smile to your face but it’s far too sluggish. It’s missing real pizzazz and flare. This story is almost too realistic and the characters far too ‘normal’. They aren’t flamboyant or interesting enough to hold your attention and all the excitement in this film comes from the situations they find themselves in rather than the characters themselves. This film is only an hour-and-a-half long but its story drags so much and is so bloated that it feels much longer.

The acting, however, is quite well done. Chris Evans is charming and perfectly portrays his character’s emotions. Alice Eve  puts in a strong and  consistent performance and her character is very likable. The problem is that the two characters are  really just far too dull. They have too much of a handle on their problems and it isn’t interesting to watch them work through them because they’re always so calm about everything. There’s also a tragic lack of urgency throughout the entire film. You never really care whether they win or lose; and win or lose, the result never feels life-changing or all that important.


Chris Evans makes his directorial debut in this film and it’s quite clear that it’s his first time in the director’s chair. His choice of shots is naive and his editing choices don’t add anything to the film. This film is a cool concept that was filtered through some  dull writing and then placed in the hands of an inexperienced director and it shows.

Overall, this film is just far too dull and never manages to bear the weight of its own story. It might make a good date movie but isn’t worth going anywhere near a cinema. 5/10



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